3002: Judith Butler/Sunaura Taylor

Philosopher Butler and artist Taylor talk about disability in a section of the movie Examined Life.

One thought on “3002: Judith Butler/Sunaura Taylor

  1. I know this doesn’t have to do with the video above, but I wasn’t sure if I could start a new topic on this blog so I decided to leave my comment on the video assignment here.

    The video “Code of Freaks” tied in with Longmore’s criticism of the different portrayals of disabled people in films very well. A few stood out to me as I was watching the film like on the types of roles the “little people” are cast as. A performer named Tekki Lomnicki mentioned how they were seen as magical creatures, and the video switched to a clip on the seven dwarves in “Snow White.” I remember discussing this fairy tale in a previous class of mine, and the possible reasons why the author chose to make these characters dwarves in the first place. One of the reason mentioned was because during the time that the story was written, dwarves weren’t seen as “real men.” So despite Snow White staying with seven other men, her chastity wasn’t in danger, and it wasn’t a huge deal compared to if she had stayed with seven “abled” guys (this also ties in with our discussion on how for centuries people believed those with disabilities were asexual).

    What I liked about the video was the fact that it incorporated more current movies into the discussion. For example, when it went onto the topic of how those with disabilities in movies either found a cure or die by the end, there was a clip from “Avatar.” Having seen the movie and incorporating our discussions in class, I’m now curious as to why the writers decided to have the main character possessed a physical disability. Was it to emphasize the fact that he was a veteran, or to show a possible outcome for those who participate in war? Obviously, the movie’s focus isn’t on disability, but it made me more aware of the kind of impact these movies have on people who can affiliate their disabilities with the characters. Here’s a link below if anyone is curious to know one of the reactions people in wheelchairs had when the saw the movie: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/WellnessNews/wheelchair-users-applaud-avatars-parapalegic-character/story?id=9505175

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