Autism Language

This is a video of an autistic woman who claims that she speaks in the language of the autistic population. I think it’s very different from ASL and deaf culture. If her buzzy song seems to go on forever, then skip to 3:15 and hear the explanation from a computerized voice!

3 thoughts on “Autism Language

  1. When I first glanced at this video my initial reaction was something like smug ignorance, however after watching the video through I am ashamed of myself for having that kind of reaction. It can be very scary to realize you are a bit of the kind of person she is trying to reach. What I mean is that none of us want to discriminate, and none of us want to be thought of as uncompassionate or anything of the like, and yet with the society we grow up we can hardly help but reacting the way we do. Just as she states in her video we view autistic people as lesser people because they do not communicate the same way we do, but there are many more forms of communication than speech. We need to begin to recognize that everyone is a person and no one has more or less value than any other person. Autism does not prevent a person from communicating, just from communicating in a way we have been taught to understand.

  2. I find this video very interesting because she pinpoints one of the major problems that our society has, which is the fact that anyone or anything that doesn’t fit in with the social norm is considered an alien or “not a real person.” At one part she says, “It is only when I type something in your language that you refer to me as having communication.” I feel like this line sums it up quite well that it’s hard for a majority of the population to accept anything that shifts their view of what’s “normal.” The woman in the video also brought up a good point on how her not being able to communicate in the way that a majority of us are able to is seen as a deficit, whereas most of society thinks it’s okay for those non-disabled to not learn how to communicate in her language. There is a definite lack of reciprocity in our society, and there’s also such a need for the social standard to be met that anyone who fails to meet it are seen as a foreign being.

  3. I, too, had a very different reaction to this video than I had anticipated. When most people think of language and communication, they think of speaking to one another or communicating through writing, when there are actually many more ways to communicate, not necessarily with other people. This woman in ways has a much more developed and powerful means of communicating; she can communicate with objects in ways I could not understand or attempt. I agree with “aqtran” in that society has great difficulty understanding things that do not seem to be normal or mainstream. Although I do now understand the value in her communication methods, communication is also about being able to express your thoughts and ideas to those around you, so I do think spoken language is an important part of communication. That being said, it is clear that this woman can type, which covers this aspect of communication at least to some degree.

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