902/3002: An Activist’s Experiences of Ableism

As ever, don’t assume that the linked blog post tells us “What the disabled want” or describes “THE disabled experience”: it’s just one person’s account, and there’s more to any disabled person’s life than suffering discrimination. But the post is a really powerful message to nondisabled people who think they’re doing great at activism and support and tolerance but who need reminding of how big the problem is, and of some frequent experiences that disabled people have. “If you think that ableism ends at the top of a ramp, you have gotten lost somewhere . . . Ableism is structural, institutional, interpersonal, sneaky, blatant, violent, confrontational, slithery, outrageous, embarrassing . . . Ableism is something i and millions of other people deal with every single day.”

One thought on “902/3002: An Activist’s Experiences of Ableism

  1. I think this blogger has a point that discrimination will last for a long time, because it took a long time for other minorities to receive less discrimination. Though it is terrible that these behaviors still exist and that they will exist for a while, I believe society is taking the right direction to reduce the discrimination towards disabled. Part of the reason for the reduced discrimination towards disabled is from including disabled students with abled students, along with educating the new generation of students about negative effects of ableism. From this education, people will gain a better understanding for other minorities such as disabled and may even become advocates of disabled. Though ableism will not end anytime soon, anything to promote equality for disabled, no matter how small the action is, can help influence others to promote for this equality, and eventually, after some time and patience, society will get to that point when disabled are treated more equal than they are now.

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