Special Poetry Slam Intro


I have added a link above to a youtube video I saw a facebook friend post. His comment was a quote from one of the students: “My name is Dennis and I like applesauce.” The intention of this post was simply to make fun of the people in the video, and the comments on the facebook post reassured this. The comments were quite disgusting actually, where other people put some of their favorite quotes and even a link to another Special Poetry Slam in which a commenter thought the fact that saying “My name is Travis and I like werewolf movies” was hysterical. If you look at the comments on the actual youtube video’s page, the top comments are absolutely horrendous and uncalled for. With the uploader’s name being “FartInhaler”, I highly doubt it was uploaded for purposes other than ridicule. This reminded me of a quote in Lund’s article: “Hay quotes Montaigne to the effect that “‘Ill Features are but a superficial Ugliness, and of little Certainty in the Opinion of Men: but a Deformity of Limbs is more substantial, and strikes deeper in.’ As it is more uncommon, it is more remarkable: and that perhaps is the true reason, why it is more ridiculed”(36).” (Lund 95). Granted these types of disabilities are more common nowadays, but maybe the fact that this video is so out there and remarkable to some that they feel the need to make fun of and ridicule these people. Even still, I’m at a loss for words when it comes to why the unfamiliar has to be made fun of. I suppose it could be their (the commenters and ridiculers) way of coming to terms with such disabilities. It is still unacceptable however you spin it.


2 thoughts on “Special Poetry Slam Intro

  1. I don’t know if the person who uploaded this put it on youtube to make fun of people or to show a poetry slam spoken by disabled people, but the comments are horrible. One of the commentators, TheSilenced, keeps repeating how she is annoyed by these people, She is cursing them out and says she is angry after looking at them. Somebody else replied to her comments: “you are one of the worst people in the world.” Another person tried to impersonate a stutter.I looked at FartInhaler’s youtube channel and I see other videos covering the same thing. I tried looking at the descriptions for this channel, but I found nothing. I hope he is able to explain his reason for posting these videos.

  2. I was hoping that I would see some comments on this video that were positive, but I’m said to say that all of them were made by disturbed individuals who obviously need a little more social interaction and assimilation, or preferably to be locked in their rooms and not given a computer. One commentator went so far as to say “I f*ing hate retarded people i think they are so f*ing annoying” and made comments like this multiple times. Now I don’t know their intentions so it is possible they were trying to be sarcastic, but if so they did not succeed. Honestly though how can they make a statement like that? Have they met every person with this disability and decided that each one as an individual is annoying and possesses no good qualities? Its highly doubtful. Attitudes like that of this commentator are present in other posts, but no one else was willing to come out and say what they were thinking like this one person. Stigma like this should not exist, and the people who post this need to learn a little love and acceptance.

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