MS Skydiver

Skydiving is a huge feat for anyone. Skydiving onto Mt. Everest is even more impressive. I can see how a person with multiple sclerosis accomplishing such an incredible feat can be news-worthy, since happy and inspiring stories are usually hits with the readers. The audience is supposed to think hey, if this MS guy can do it, so can I! An unfortunate wording does appear in this story when the writer refers to the skydiver, Marc Kopp, in the caption of his picture as a “multiple sclerosis sufferer” and later in the story as “[one] who suffers from primary progressive multiple sclerosis”. Now, I don’t want to be too condescending of the story. It is a great one, and I love when Kopp is quoted saying, “I hope my action will inspire others living with this illness. I hope many more will follow in my footsteps.” I think how Kopp describes himself, as one “living with” MS, has such a more positive connotation than how the writer describes him. Kopp is a man who seems to be embracing all aspects of his life and following his dreams, as every human being should. Positive portrayals of people with disabilities have been mentioned numerous times throughout this class. I was happy to see this celebratory event among other NPR stories.

One thought on “MS Skydiver

  1. I agree with your comment about this article. It is so great seeing someone follow his dreams whether he is disabled or not. I think the story puts far too much emphasis on the negative aspects of this mans life. It seems as if the writer is trying to make us pity him. As if skydiving onto Mount Everest is not already an incredible feat, a man who is “suffering” has done it. It is almost as though the author wants the readers to feel as though his life is not fulfilled enough because of his illness. It truly is a shame to see disability still so negatively portrayed in society.

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