Meet the Robots for Humanity

I’ve always been a fan of TED talks, and this one I feel operates as a tangent to what we’ve discussed in class. In this video, the witty Henry Evans details his full-body paralysis and how he has used modern technology to “overcome” his disability and perform feats that he says even able-bodied people can’t. He can walk, drive, and even fly.

I wonder whether the advanced technology discussed in the video is an aide or a hinderance to the disabled rights movement. I feel as though some would argue that too much reliance on technology is not natural and acceptable, and others would welcome the possibilities and advances that come with it. What’s your opinion? Should an able-bodied person be allowed/encouraged to have these robots?

2 thoughts on “Meet the Robots for Humanity

  1. It is extraordinary how far technology has come. Technology has become a daily part of life, whether you are disabled or not. I believe that the technology discussed in the video is an aid for the disability rights movement because it provides independence for the disabled. Using these robots allows for the disabled person to be in charge of his life, rather than depending on a care attendant. Although they are still dependent on something to help with daily functions, they are the ones in charge. These robots allow people to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. This technology helps the cause of the disability rights movement because it brings the disabled people from the outskirts of society. It helps integrate the disabled into society. They are able to enjoy experiences that they would otherwise have been unable to do.

  2. I don’t think you can view modern technology for the disabled a hindrance any more than you can consider a more fuel efficient car, or space travel a hindrance for humanity. I thoroughly appreciate everything technology does and the opportunities it gives to people of all abilities. After all, if you look in most schools today you see more and more technology being integrated into learning, its the age we live in and it isn’t a bad thing. While you may be able to argue that too much dependence on living in a virtual reality could be bad, this technology is allowing people to experience the world in ways they haven’t been able to before. Also, the robots for Humanity is making the technology open source and affordable so they are really providing people with more options for how they can live their lives, not forcing anyone to depend on it.

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