Disability Access in China


This article describes the limited opportunities for disabled people in China. It begins with the story of Ni Zhen, a blind man who was told that he could only become a masseuse or musician because those were the occupations his culture deemed appropriate for people with visual impairment. Also, in order to move on to higher education, students need to take an exam that is not even offered to disabled students, further limiting their job potential. Ni, however, went on to obtain a master’s in education by going to university in Britain and is working on a degree in law.

Not everyone in China is as fortunate at Ni, though. The articles cites that “gaining access to treatment and jobs is a challenge”, so poverty is common among disabled Chinese. This is mainly due to the fact that professions dealing with rehabilitation for disabled people are held in very low regard. In order for disabled Chinese to get more attention, the government may need to encourage medical students to see the value in helping the disabled. It is interesting to see how this profession is not as highly regarded as it is in America and to see how a different culture perceives a disability as only leading to a certain occupation. We are very lucky in America, where the government has made legislature protecting disabled people, but even the disabled community here doesn’t consider it enough.

One thought on “Disability Access in China

  1. When it comes to disability accessibility and opportunities, some countries can fall behind. Some advanced societies have made living easier, but they make no progress in disability rights. It is amazing how much progress they made technologically but provide little equality for the minority. I heard a story by my pastor during a Sunday service. He talked about this girl in Korea who was not as mentally apt as her peers. She had a learning disability. The Korean school system is different. The school system here is built to accommodate the intellectual abilities of each student so even if two people are in the same grade, one could be learning AP Calculus while the other could be learning pre-algebra. In Korea, all students in the same grade learn the same thing. They do not accommodate those who are not able to catch up so this will be harder on students who have learning disabilities. The girl always struggled in school. Then, she came to the United States and went to a school here. She did much better and she was much happier. When her parents offered to send her back to Korea, she refused because she knew she would be miserable if she went to a Korean school. Korea is technologically advanced country, but when it comes to providing opportunities for the disabled, they are behind.

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