Sexy Calendars

With the turn of the new year, the British disability advocacy group, Enhance the UK, is selling calendars featuring scantily-clad models with disabilities. Their goal is to break down the misconstrued ideas of disability and prove that disabled people are sexual beings – just like everyone else. Sporting little more than lingerie or swimsuits, the models are featured posing in London taxis and and in front of British landmarks like Big Ben and the Tower Bridge. They are hoping to turn a few heads. The CEO of Enhance the UK and one of the models for the calendar, Jennie Williams, stated that “all too often disabled people get ignored and desexualized, even ‘babied,’ being seen as people who just need looking after and not wanting or capable of having an active, healthy sex life and loving relationship.” Her group wants to “change the way society views sex and disability.”

The calendar is available for free, but a donation is requested. All funds raised goes towards the Undressing Disability campaign to “ensure better, inclusive sex and relationships education for disabled, young people.”

It says on their site that “if you’re hoping to make someone’s Christmas extra special this year then you’re in the right place.” However, I am not quite sure how many non disabled people would purchase one of these calendars as a Christmas gift. So I guess I am just curious as to how effective these calendars actually are. Furthermore, does “sexy” really need to be reduced to this? Just wanted to hear/read all of your thoughts!

Here’s the link if you want to take a look around:

2 thoughts on “Sexy Calendars

  1. I love this! This reminds me of the recent GAP advertisement involving the use of a Sikh man as a model for their products, in that they both portray the underrepresented well. Progressive statements by groups are really powerful towards affecting social stigma, I believe. What I find to be even better in this case is that this group is not-for-profit and cannot be doing this for their bottom line. While I don’t think the calendar would make the best Christmas gift, I think it’d be nice for birthdays or just for the heck of it, At the end of the day, my question is this: can I get one of these in the US?

  2. I think this is a great idea and looking at the two images available online, I don’t think the calender will be that bad. It is not aimed at either genders and it shows that disabled people are sexual. When I first read this, I thought, “Oh gosh! Is it going to be like one of those calenders with half naked women with costumes on?” Just looking at the two pictures available I think it is going to be promising. Even so, I don’t know if many people are going to buy this. There is not enough publicity for this.

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