Because Who is Perfect?


This article talks about a new campaign called “Because Who is Perfect? Come Closer” by the Swiss charity Pro Infirmis. Their purpose for this new campaign was to expose to the public a wide range of body types through clothing store mannequins. They wanted to go against traditional beauty and show how beautiful other body types are. The campaign made five mannequins that were based off models with disabilities. The first mannequin was based off a women with severe scoliosis, the second was based off a model with a deformed spin, the third was based off an athlete with one leg, the fourth was based off a model with brittle bone diseases, and the fifth was based off a model with shortened limbs. Director Alain Gsponer made a short film about the project. In the video, the mannequins were placed in a busy street and the reaction of by passers ranged from “wonder to disdain”. I think this campaign is a positive step forward for the disability community. These mannequins illustrates the different kinds of bodies and shows that they’re still beautiful regardless of the traditional beauty norm.